Adventure Reflection


Released July 16, 2019, this Reflection is about the magic of being love. Love is completely free, it gives of itself from an inexhaustible supply, it does not hold anything back, it does not try to protect itself. Love is adventure manifest, and you know you want to be the hero of your movie. There’s nothing stopping you, except for a misconception about the fabric of reality. Don’t take my word for it - be courageous, be daring, follow your dreams. Be love and watch your world explode into colour.

P.S. By strange coincidence (my father asked me, ‘is this your synchronicity?’), I just found out today that Jimmy Buffett will be here in my hometown of St. John’s in September. He is the quoted teacher in this Reflection. I have been quite literally playing the man’s music non-stop for the past month or so. He is one of the more enlightened musicians I’ve listened to. His music is full of ideas like not taking it seriously, following one’s dreams, letting it go, relaxing into the moment, and just enjoying life. There are few recommendations better than the ones I just listed. If you are going to the show in September, I will see you there.

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