New podcast | New short story | New Reflection

Hey folks,

I have a new project underway. I am currently recording and releasing episodes of my new podcast, called Sophia. Sophia is Greek for ‘wisdom,’ and this podcast is about just that. I am going to be speaking to everyday people about their lives, the lessons that they’ve learned, and the wisdom they might be able to share. Once I have enough episodes and interest, I will be releasing the podcast through iTunes. For now the podcast will be on YouTube only. Here are the links to the first two episodes (beneath the image):


Sophia - Episode 1 - Myself

Sophia - Episode 2 - Linda Ivany

If you are interested in coming on as a guest, drop me a line at I would love to hear from you!

Will Reflection

Released on September 8, 2019, I wrote this in response to a question my mother posed to me after reading my last Reflection, Owl. To be perfectly honest, I cannot remember the question, but it did inspire me to write this. Like Alan Watts said, a singular will is not about predestination. Here are my thoughts on it.

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Babylon II

An Atikan Interlude - Part IX

Released on September 8, 2019, this story continues the tale of Nimba. It is set during the events of The Yoga Trilogy, which is a new one for me. It’s also got magic and Ifrit and miracles and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I hope you like it!

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Yoga Conference | Two new short stories | Two new Reflections

Hey folks,

A few new things today. I am going to be presenting at the Wander East Yoga Conference on Sunday, October 27, at 9:30 AM. The title of the talk is Facing the Dragon, Finding your Self: The Hero's Journey of Yoga. It's about the interrelationship of mythology and yoga and how we can use the framework of the Hero's Journey to navigate our own lives. You can register for the conference here - I would love to see you there.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to my friend John Vallis, who has started a new podcast called Bitcoin Rapid-Fire. I listened to the first episode this morning and it was indeed fascinating! I am still pretty ignorant of the ins and outs of this strange new currency but John's podcast seems to be about the people involved - the stories, the effects it has had on their lives. Check it out here!

The Seafaring Guild
An Atikan Interlude: Part VII

Released on August 18, 2019, The Seafaring Guild is a briskly-paced adventure slash love tale that picks up the thread of Timothy Charon’s story from Clovir: An Overture. I hope you enjoy!

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Chaos Reflection

Released on August 18, 2019, this Reflection is about the power of surrender. But what does letting go really mean?

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Red Adharmi II
An Atikan Interlude: Part VIII

Released on August 25, 2019, this story sees the return of Marius, the Vizier of Divination, and his incessant scheming.

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Owl Reflection

Released August 25, 2019, this Reflection is about the reasons for writing about wisdom. If it’s born of experience, how can we transmit wisdom? And why even bother trying?

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Book signing, new short story, two new Reflections

On August 10, 2019, I had my first book signing at a book store! A huge milestone for me. I signed copies of The Yoga of Strength for patrons of Chapters St. John’s. Here is a pic of the action (that term is used lightly):


Over The Moon

An Atikan Interlude - Part VI

Released August 11, 2019, this love story actually has a happy ending! Will this become more common as we draw through to the end of The Clovir Cycle? Only one way to find out!

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Guru Reflection

Released on August 4, 2019, the purpose of this Reflection is to pump you up! You are awesome, just the way you are!

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Flow Reflection

Released August 11, 2019, this Reflection is about the Tao, flow states, and the evolution of humanity. I hope that you enjoy it!

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Powered by Caritas | The Amaril Company launch

Powered by Caritas

Big announcement today! First, credit where credit is due: I have to thank Charles Eisenstein for his incredible book Sacred Economics, which was part of the inspiration for this idea. A gift economy is not only possible but crucial to our survival (at least as far as I can see). So, I am giving away all of my work! By putting my money where my mouth is, I hope to show people that giving is indeed a viable way of breaking down the walls of our apparent separation. You invite magic into your life by doing so. Don’t take my word for it! Give your money, time, and /or presence to anyone in your life, without expectation of return, and watch as your life changes. More info here:

Finally, if you want to give to me, you can check out my Patreon and GoFundMe accounts at !

The Amaril Company

Que Sera, Sera

An Empire without peer on the face of Clovir, suddenly and utterly destroyed by treachery most foul. Four survivors, Warriors all, desperate to find a reason to go on. One Druidess with a secret so powerful, it just might make things right in the world again. Two powerful Mages, hunting them all.

Before the rise of the Kingdom of Thrairn, there breathed the Heraclytan Empire. Its Emperor, Traximus, was a man of great power and ambition, and he desired Liberty for all of his subjects. He was the creature who gave the gift of magic to everyone who had the inclination to seize it. Knowing the potential for abuses, his Coloured Companies were tasked with keeping Order in a world where Chaos was suddenly in the ascendant. But not everyone was happy with the change of the dynamics of power. Those that grieved the old hierarchies were not prepared to simply accept the new paradigm. And so the Red Tradition was born…

A prequel to The Yoga Trilogy, The Amaril Company is a novella set on the world of Clovir. The events that transpire within set the tone for the world into which our heroes in The Yoga Trilogy are thrust.

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Get the physical copy from

Get the physical copy from

A new short story, a new Reflection, and a new podcast!

Work Passion Fit Interview

First, the podcast. I was featured again on the Work Passion Fit podcast with John Francis. I had a wonderful time talking with John about writing, publishing, and philosophy. He is a stand up guy and his podcast is great! I would highly recommend his podcast generally!

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Released on July 23, 2019, this Reflection is about our constant companion, the fourth dimension, that which occurs between the birthing room and the funeral home. I hope that you enjoy.

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The Pestilential

An Atikan Interlude - Part V

Released July 28, 2019, this story was an interesting write for me. The horrors of the plague are a part of the Thrain landscape, but not everyone in service to the Crown is a monster.

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New paint job and An Atikan Interlude: Part IV

Hey folks,

It looks different around here, doesn’t it? In honour of my next two works of fiction, An Atikan Interlude and The Yoga of Pain, I have updated the colours to match the books. What’s with the feather? Well, you’ll just have to read them to find out!

Robin of Erifracia II

An Atikan Interlude: Part IV

Released on July 21, 2019, this is the second installment of Robin of Erifracia, which began in Clovir: An Overture.

Welcome back to the world of Lord Charles Palfrey, the man who invented the Thrain Longbow!

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Ayahuasca Reflection


Released on July 17, 2019, the day after the Hindu tradition of Guru Purnima, this is an expression of gratitude and veneration to the teacher which has helped make me the positive, outgoing, dream-following, love-drunk dude who I am today. I have long kept this under my hat, but I feel like the time is right to talk about it. Guru Purnima is a day of thanksgiving to those teachers who have helped us to see the light. If you know anyone who fits the bill, it might be a nice thing to send them a note expressing your gratitude.

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Adventure Reflection


Released July 16, 2019, this Reflection is about the magic of being love. Love is completely free, it gives of itself from an inexhaustible supply, it does not hold anything back, it does not try to protect itself. Love is adventure manifest, and you know you want to be the hero of your movie. There’s nothing stopping you, except for a misconception about the fabric of reality. Don’t take my word for it - be courageous, be daring, follow your dreams. Be love and watch your world explode into colour.

P.S. By strange coincidence (my father asked me, ‘is this your synchronicity?’), I just found out today that Jimmy Buffett will be here in my hometown of St. John’s in September. He is the quoted teacher in this Reflection. I have been quite literally playing the man’s music non-stop for the past month or so. He is one of the more enlightened musicians I’ve listened to. His music is full of ideas like not taking it seriously, following one’s dreams, letting it go, relaxing into the moment, and just enjoying life. There are few recommendations better than the ones I just listed. If you are going to the show in September, I will see you there.

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Identity Reflection + Good & Evil Unity Rap


Released on July 12, 2019, the kick off to St. John’s Pride week, this is a Reflection I do not think I could have released even a couple of years ago. I went through a period of my life when I questioned my sexuality and it brought with it a whole host of food for thought. After I worked through it, I came to one conclusion: we are all perfect beings who should be celebrating, rather fearing, our differences. If you are reading this, I love you for exactly who you are and you should love yourself for the same thing. We are all in this together.

Have a great Pride week!

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Good & Evil

Good and evil are a matter of perspective.
The most enjoyable perspective, though, doesn't need 'em.

Addiction Reflection + The Tax Collector


Released on July 10, 2019, this Reflection is about a topic both personal and difficult for many people: addiction. If you are suffering, never be afraid to reach out to those around you. There is always hope, and you will be caught by kind and loving hands if only you have the courage to admit that you need help. We are all in this together - let us prove it to one another.

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The Tax Collector

Released on July 11, 2019, I have not had this much fun with a story for a while. Say hello to Horace and Giselda again!

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New Reflection and Unity Rap

Two new things today!

Reflection - Striving

Released on July 4, 2019, AKA Independence Day for all you American folks, this one is the first Reflection from the collection I am calling Magus of Paradidomi. Paradidomi is the Greek word for ‘surrender.’ The greatest gift you can give yourself in life is to surrender to it, totally. There is nothing to fear in surrender, and everything to gain. Life is a musical thing, and you, the real you, is a marvelous musician. We strive so much to arrive at places, but the only place worth anything is where you are, right now, at every given moment. If we surrender into it, each moment, well, that is how the magic happens.

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The Way

You are already perfect, you've simply forgotten.
The way to remember is written on your heart.
All you have to do is listen, and act accordingly.

Clovir: An Overture has launched! New Reflection! Unity Raps!

Hey folks,

Clovir: An Overture launched on June 15. Thank you for all of your support in making the book a #1 bestseller in the Fantasy Anthologies category during the week leading up to release!

My friend Shawn and I brewed a batch of Cistern Ale in celebration of the launch. You can watch it here! Unfortunately, the giveaway is well out of date (it was a Father’s Day promotion - and promoted on social media - so if you haven’t already, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!)

A reminder: if you have read Clovir: An Overture and/or The Yoga of Strength, an honest Amazon review would be extremely helpful. It does not have to be very long, a sentence or two would be fine (but longer would be nice as well!)

One final thing: I took down the stories from Clovir: An Overture, all except one: The Black Kettle. This is going to be how I do my releases of short stories: you will get the first thirteen out of fifteen during the pre-launch period for free if you’re cool with reading them as a post on my website. One the book launches, only one will stick around for free. And then you will start to get the next batch of stories, gratis, until launch.

The reason I am doing this is called Kindle Unlimited (a big draw for the fantasy crowd). It is basically Netflix for books but you need to sign an exclusivity deal with e-book distribution for Amazon. Amazon has a rule against making more than 10% of the book available electronically if you go with their exclusivity deal.

So, read my e-mails and visit my site - you will go get tons of stuff for free if you'‘re on your toes. :-)

Surrender Reflection

I said the last Reflection would be the last one before I released Knight of Sophia: A Book of Reflections, a collection of all of my Reflections released for free plus a few extras exclusive to the book. I was wrong! This is it. Released on June 16, 2019, it is about the power of surrender, that paradoxical escalator to a certain unassailability. To paraphrase MC YOGI, we bow our heads low to become the heros of our lives. Click here to read!

Unity Raps

I’ve got a new video series starting called Unity Raps. Bite-sized hits of philosophy, with love, from me to you. The first Rap, Dreams, drops this weekend. Please like me on Facebook and subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

Much love,