A publisher! The plan! And a release date!

I recorded a YouTube video for this - then it turned out horrendously shaky so I am not sharing it with you. Instead, enjoy these words on your screen!

We have a publisher! Atmosphere Press will be publishing the book. It is an outfit out of Austin, Texas, that uses a flipped model for publishing. Essentially, the cost of editing the book and designing the layout and cover will be borne by us in the first instance. It is not self-publishing, as this is a curated outfit. They have standards, standards that The Yoga of Strength meets (woot!) 

This was not a decision taken lightly. I had several offers, including two 'traditional' deals that would have not seen me pay a penny up front, but would see me lose several rights in the mix. 

Part of what Atmosphere offers is a degree of control over the final product that traditional publishers retain for themselves. While this was not fatal for my consideration of a traditional publisher, it certainly made the Atmosphere deal all the more desirable. While I am looking forward to collaborating with Nick Courtright, the executive editor of Atmosphere who has graciously agreed to personally edit the book himself, I will have final say over edits, as well as the book design and cover.

Atmosphere also offers 100% of the royalties, similar to self-publishing. Once the book is in print, all of the profit goes back to me. There are expenses that need to be paid, specifically production of the rest of the books, so I will make sure that the second and third books, as well as a book of related short fiction, will see the light of day. I am earmarking the first dollars earned to pay for the second and third books in the Trilogy, The Yoga of Pain and The Yoga of Connection, as well as the book of short stories, Tales of Sight. Speaking of which, I have the full titles to the books:

The Yoga of Strength: A Fable - Tome 1 of The Yoga Trilogy

The Yoga of Pain: A Love Story - Tome 2 of The Yoga Trilogy

The Yoga of Connection: A Healing Song - Tome 3 of The Yoga Trilogy

Tales of Sight: A Companion to The Yoga Trilogy

The stories that make up Tales of Sight will be Clovir: An Overture (released before The Yoga of Strength), The Atikan Interlude (released between The Yoga of Strength and The Yoga of Pain), and A Liserian Chronicle (released between The Yoga of Pain and The Yoga of Connection). The majority will be released for free on the website, though there will be a few extras specifically for the collection.

Finally, we have a release  date for The Yoga of Strength (drum roll please):




April 19, 2019!

On my 34th birthday, to a day, I will become a published author. I am so excited to put the book in your hands and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

April 19 too far off? If you pre-order the book, you will get access to the novel three weeks to a month (not one hundred percent sure about when) prior to the launch date. Everyone who supported the book through Publishizer will receive their books early. I will be launching a pre-order site in the coming days. The cut off for pre-orders will likely be some time in February, so if you want the book early and missed the Publishizer campaign, please consider pre-ordering a copy!

If you do get an early copy, I would humbly ask that you consider leaving a review of the book on Amazon and/or Goodreads on launch day. Lots of reviews will send the book up the seller lists and has the potential to generate lots of interest.

Phew! That’s it for tonight folks. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weeks! I will keep you posted as the updates come down.

Many thanks and much love,