Bite-sized hits of philosophy, with love, from me to you.




Follow your heart without fail, and it won't fail you.


You are no better than anyone else, in any way. Act that way, and you will soon be free.


Hell, if you want a good look at a hero, go check out a mirror.


I am not the name my mother gave me. Believe it. Go all in on it. And then, well, you'll catch the world entire.


People say that everything happens for a reason, but there is a corollary to that.
Everything happens on time, as well.

The Way

You are already perfect, you've simply forgotten.
The way to remember is written on your heart.
All you have to do is listen, and act accordingly.

Good & Evil

Good and evil are a matter of perspective.
The most enjoyable perspective, though, doesn't need 'em.