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Choose the quiet Strength of your soul when your mind screams you are weak

this is The Yoga of Strength

The Yoga of Strength will be released April 19, 2019!

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The Yoga of Strength is the story of a coward who sheds his self-centredness and fear to become a champion guided by his highest purpose. Weaving together motifs from mythology, high fantasy, visionary / spiritual fiction, and lessons from the philosophy of yoga, the book follows an initially unlikable noble-born squire named Andrew Cardiff on the eve of his induction into the Yellow Order, a brotherhood of knights that serves King Janus of Thrairn (a fictional realm with real-world spiritual symbols interspersed throughout). Caught in a purely physical view of reality, things start to change when magic begins to seep into his world.

While we in the West usually associate ‘yoga’ quite simply with a series of physical poses, it is much more than that. It is an ancient system of philosophy and practice from India with the goal of spiritual awakening, and it can be applied to anything we do in life. The word ‘yoga’ means to ‘yoke’ or to ‘unify’: mind, body, and spirit. The word ‘yoke’ is more appropriate in this case, calling up imagery of oxen being lashed to a cart, because Andrew’s journey is no peaceful contemplation of the nature of reality. It is about a man who steps into the fire, a dangerous crucible that calls upon all of the courage that he did not know was present in the depths of his heart.

It is the first book in a planned trilogy. This book's exploration of the sacred masculine is followed up by the second book, The Yoga of Pain, which focuses on characters Simon and Kathryn's journeys and delves into the divine feminine. The final book in the series, The Yoga of Connection, finds the trio whole and united against the darkness that seeks to destroy their homeland.

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Sample Review

Click here for fantasy author Nicholas Hale’s 5/5 review of The Yoga of Strength. Notable excerpts:

“At its core, the book is an exploration into the true, underlying nature of strength - not raw talent or knowledge, but blood, toil, sweat and perseverance- the things that make heroes what they are not just in a fantasy world but even in real life.

And that is where I feel the book truly shines - Andrew's growth is extremely believable and relatable.”

“The plot is never predictable at any point. I know that phrase is overused, but there are several twists in the book are just impossible to foresee.”

“The prose in the book is top tier and Andrew's (The author) command of vocabulary is pretty impressive.”

“On the whole, this book is a definite "must read" from me.”

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