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Pain is both the key and the door.

Finished The Yoga of Strength? Read through Clovir: An Overture? Dying to know what happens with Kathryn and Simon? Need to see what’s next for Andrew?

The Yoga of Pain continues the story of Clovir, this time focusing on Kathryn and Simon’s perspectives. The story examines the two wounded heroes and asks questions about the nature of pain: why do we feel its sting? Why isn’t the world just sunshine and rainbows all the time? What can pain teach us about liberation?

Like The Yoga of Strength, The Yoga of Pain is both an adventure story and a parable about life. It delves into the emancipation of the divine feminine and the letting go that we all must do to become content while we are still breathing.

The Yoga of Pain is being published through Atmosphere Press, using a flipped publishing model. That means that the costs of production and editing need to paid up front. We did it with The Yoga of Strength - I am asking that we try to do it again. If you would like to participate in helping a dream become reality, please visit my store here and pre-order your copy today!

Sample Chapters

Warning: Do not read until you have completed The Yoga of Strength