The Pleiades Remixes

A chef’s special of family-friendly humour, magic, mythology, heroes and heroines and mythical beasts, the Pleiades Remixes are Andrew Marc Rowe’s first foray into children’s fiction. Side-splittingly funny (Andrew hopes, anyway), these stories were written to entertain, while dealing with the challenges that children face in an uplifting manner.

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The Unicorn

Volume 1

 Iris, twelve-year old girl on a unicorn hunt, is desperate to find one of the creatures before she becomes a woman and the opportunity to take the wizard’s fancy robe and hat is closed to her forever. In the forests of Helidonia, her homeland, she is ready to put everything on the line for her dream.

 Zeus, King of Olympus, has really let everyone, including himself, down. His son is missing, his wife has abandoned him, and his bosses have shown up, looking for him to right his wrongs.

 The fates of a little girl and the big cheese of the heavens above have mysteriously intertwined. Can the pair solve the riddle of their shared destiny before time itself comes to an end?

 Dropping April 19, 2020