The Amaril Company

Que Sera, Sera

An Empire without peer on the face of Clovir, suddenly and utterly destroyed by treachery most foul. Four survivors, Warriors all, desperate to find a reason to go on. One Druidess with a secret so powerful, it just might make things right in the world again. Two powerful Mages, hunting them all.

Before the rise of the Kingdom of Thrairn, there breathed the Heraclytan Empire. Its Emperor, Traximus, was a man of great power and ambition, and he desired Liberty for all of his subjects. He was the creature who gave the gift of magic to everyone who had the inclination to seize it. Knowing the potential for abuses, his Coloured Companies were tasked with keeping Order in a world where Chaos was suddenly in the ascendant. But not everyone was happy with the change of the dynamics of power. Those that grieved the old hierarchies were not prepared to simply accept the new paradigm. And so the Red Tradition was born…

A prequel to The Yoga Trilogy, The Amaril Company is a novella set on the world of Clovir. The events that transpire within set the tone for the world into which our heroes in The Yoga Trilogy are thrust.