Tales of Sight

The world of The Yoga Trilogy, Clovir, is filled with characters, many with their own stories. They are tales of ups and downs, of wins and losses, of blindness and sight. While they are not necessary reads, they will help flesh out and render colour into this realm of darkness. Prior to the release of The Yoga of Strength, Clovir: An Overture shall be released. Prior to the release of The Yoga of Pain, An Atikan Interlude will see the light. And finally, in the space between The Yoga of Pain and The Yoga of Connection, The Liserian Chronicles shall make their debut. I very sincerely hope that you enjoy.

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Clovir: An Overture

Part I: The Ballad of Rolf

Part II: Jason of the Midden

Part III: The Black Kettle

Part IV: Robin of Erifracia I

Part V: Gingari Close

Part VI: No Quarter

Part VII: Boots

Part VIII: Red Adharmi I

Part IX: Babylon I

Part X: Deliverance

Part XI: Inkwell I

An Atikan Interlude

Coming soon!

The Liserian Chronicles

Coming soon!