Tales of Sight

The world of The Yoga Trilogy, Clovir, is filled with characters, many with their own stories. They are tales of ups and downs, of wins and losses, of blindness and sight. While they are not technically necessary reads, they help flesh out and render colour into this realm of darkness. They are one hell of a lot of fun, to boot. Clovir: An Overture was released after the launch of The Yoga of Strength. Prior to the release of The Yoga of Pain, An Atikan Interlude will see the light. In the space between The Yoga of Pain and The Yoga of Connection, The Liserian Chronicles shall make their debut. After The Yoga of Connection is complete, Clovir: A Farewell will find its way into life.

You will be able to read most of the stories in the lead up to release for free. Once they are published, only one of the stories will remain free. To keep up to date, please join my mailing list!

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Part I - Clovir: An Overture

Part II - An Atikan Interlude

Part III - The Liserian Chronicle

Part IV - Clovir: A Farewell

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Clovir: An Overture

What Darkness Hides Within The Murk Of Cistern Ale?

Rolf the Tavernkeeper is a man with problems. The competition is crushing his business. His sister, a single mother named Karla, has moved into the Green Dragon and the baby is not making things any easier. You don’t even want to hear what is going on with his brother, Alfred the Executioner.

When financial desperation, the family ties that bind, and a hefty dose of cowardice see Rolf make selfish choices and dark alliances, he takes a course of action sees him become embroiled in behind-the-scenes plotting with the most powerful group in the Kingdom of Thrairn. Have his fortunes finally changed? Or will his gamble see him dead before dawn?

While the thread of Rolf’s plight bookends the rest of the stories in this anthology of fifteen tales, the rest of the yarns are of a more diverse sort. Set in such various locales as the mean streets of the Purple Run or the barracks of the Yellow Order of Knights, its timeline spans centuries. Featuring assorted intrigue like the politicking of an honourable Priest in a small town and a gumshoe Scribe in over his head in the capital City of Isha, contrasted with fierce threats in the steamy jungles of far-off Atika, Clovir: An Overture serves as an introduction to the world and characters of The Yoga Trilogy. See if you can spot the threads that tie in to the stories of The Yoga Trilogy, especially The Yoga of Strength.

Oh, and there is plenty of magic.

Track List

Part I: The Ballad of Rolf
Part II: Jason of the Midden
Part III: The Black Kettle
Part IV: Robin of Erifracia I
Part V: Gingari Close
Part VI: No Quarter
Part VII: Boots
Part VIII: Red Adharmi I
Part IX: Babylon I
Part X: Deliverance
Part XI: Inkwell I
Part XII: The Laurel Club I
Part XIII: Da Bones
Part XIV: The Midsummer Festival I
Part XV: Ephestor’s Folly


An Atikan Interlude

Welcome to the Black Pits

Daughter to a country noble and betrothed to a decrepit King, Lady Petunia Thule spends her days despairing her lot. Her father, a greedy social climber in charge of the King’s penal iron mine under the Crooked Spears, a hopeless place called the Black Pits, is eager to see his daughter married and his family’s position secured. Getting Petunia to the Thrain capital of Isha is of utmost importance.

What neither of them expects is the strange intervention of John Tisdale, a man unfairly imprisoned by Lord Thule for his kindliness with his daughter. On the long road from Kalingshire to Isha, it is said that anything at all can happen. John and the Lady are about to find out just how true that old adage speaks.

Dropping October 17, 2019

Track List

Part I: The Lady Petunia
Part II: The Cistern Brewery
Part III: The Tax Collector
Part IV: Robin of Erifracia II
Part V: The Pestilential
Part VI: Over The Moon
Part VII: The Seafaring Guild
Part VIII: Red Adharmi II
Part IX: Babylon II
Part X: Rosary
Part XI: Inkwell II
Part XII: The Laurel Club II
Part XIII: Craniometry
Part XIV: The Midsummer Festival II
Part XV: The Royal Ballet


The Liserian Chronicle

Coming soon!

Clovir: A Farewell

Coming soon!