The following are reviews that  were written by those (un?)lucky few who have read the rougher advance drafts of The Yoga of Strength.

Congratulations on completing your book! It’s fantastic - it was actually my very first fantasy novel so thank you for such a thrilling experience! The more I read, the more I contemplated my own life - I couldn’t put it down and I finished it in one sitting. (Author’s note - the book is ~115,000 words long)
— Kerri Best

A novel that searches for the truth of personal mythology. A novel that shares a path in finding our truths. Beautiful, insightful and important. An amazing read.
— Janet Power

Finished your book! It was a great read. Hearty congratulations from me - what an accomplishment! I didn’t want to put it down - I read most of it in a few sittings.
— Peter Shea

A truly endearing tale of an unlikely hero, forced to navigate a newly discovered landscape of magic and politics, while fighting his own demons along the way. The Yoga of Strength shows that true courage means battling self doubt above all else.
— Shawn Bishop

A truly magnificent read from start to finish. With characters that grow before your very eyes, reflecting the passion and what it truly means to be human, The Yoga of Strength is a difficult book to put down.
— Reid Barrington

Brilliant! Would never have said this was Andrew’s first novel. He has a delicious gift for narrative (peppered with colorful language). I read without blinking... I laughed out loud... and I put the book down from time-to-time just to contemplate. Interesting characters set in a vibrant, magical world, each struggling with their own egos and inner demons, with differing degrees of success... as far as book 1 goes anyway. Can’t wait to get my hands on the (signed) published version and display my Yoga of Strength sticker on my laptop!
— David Mason