Yoga Conference | Two new short stories | Two new Reflections

Hey folks,

A few new things today. I am going to be presenting at the Wander East Yoga Conference on Sunday, October 27, at 9:30 AM. The title of the talk is Facing the Dragon, Finding your Self: The Hero's Journey of Yoga. It's about the interrelationship of mythology and yoga and how we can use the framework of the Hero's Journey to navigate our own lives. You can register for the conference here - I would love to see you there.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to my friend John Vallis, who has started a new podcast called Bitcoin Rapid-Fire. I listened to the first episode this morning and it was indeed fascinating! I am still pretty ignorant of the ins and outs of this strange new currency but John's podcast seems to be about the people involved - the stories, the effects it has had on their lives. Check it out here!

The Seafaring Guild
An Atikan Interlude: Part VII

Released on August 18, 2019, The Seafaring Guild is a briskly-paced adventure slash love tale that picks up the thread of Timothy Charon’s story from Clovir: An Overture. I hope you enjoy!

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Chaos Reflection

Released on August 18, 2019, this Reflection is about the power of surrender. But what does letting go really mean?

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Red Adharmi II
An Atikan Interlude: Part VIII

Released on August 25, 2019, this story sees the return of Marius, the Vizier of Divination, and his incessant scheming.

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Owl Reflection

Released August 25, 2019, this Reflection is about the reasons for writing about wisdom. If it’s born of experience, how can we transmit wisdom? And why even bother trying?

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