New Reflection and Unity Rap

Two new things today!

Reflection - Striving

Released on July 4, 2019, AKA Independence Day for all you American folks, this one is the first Reflection from the collection I am calling Magus of Paradidomi. Paradidomi is the Greek word for ‘surrender.’ The greatest gift you can give yourself in life is to surrender to it, totally. There is nothing to fear in surrender, and everything to gain. Life is a musical thing, and you, the real you, is a marvelous musician. We strive so much to arrive at places, but the only place worth anything is where you are, right now, at every given moment. If we surrender into it, each moment, well, that is how the magic happens.

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The Way

You are already perfect, you've simply forgotten.
The way to remember is written on your heart.
All you have to do is listen, and act accordingly.