I am eternally grateful to everyone who takes enough of an interest in my work to have a chat. That goes equal to those who agreed to let me interview them about early draft readings of my books! Click through below for all of my interviews.


During the month of July 2019, I was interviewed again by John Francis of the Work Passion Fit podcast about writing, publishing, and philosophy. You can listen to the podcast here.

During the Publishizer campaign in August 2018, I was interviewed by Juanita Mercer of The Telegram, a local newspaper here in St. John’s. She wrote a wonderful article based on our conversation - click here to read it!

I was featured on my friend John Vallis' podcast in the middle of a hot August 2018, sweating through the promotional blitz of The Yoga of Strength's Publishizer campaign.

During August 2018, I was featured on John Francis’ podcast, Work. Passion. Fit. It was a wonderful interview - John is a great man and we really got into the story of the genesis of The Yoga of Strength and my own journey. Click here to listen.

During the Publishizer campaign I flipped the script and interviewed people who have read pre-publication drafts of The Yoga of Strength. Please click below to hear their thoughts!