The Clovir Cycle

An amalgam of eight books, The Clovir Cycle is Andrew Marc Rowe’s first foray into the world of published fiction. The Yoga Trilogy would be considered the main books of the Cycle, but the rest of the stories play an integral role in keeping all of the plot lines tightly wound together. Focusing on the philosophy of yoga and set within a world that is extremely dark, light spills through the cracks and sees centuries of adharma (a Sanskrit word that means ‘against cosmic law’) finally righted.


The Pleiades Remixes

A chef’s special of family-friendly humour, magic, mythology, heroes and heroines and mythical beasts, the Pleiades Remixes are Andrew Marc Rowe’s first foray into children’s fiction. Side-splittingly funny (Andrew hopes, anyway), these stories were written to entertain, while dealing with the challenges that children face in an uplifting manner.



The Avatar Pentology

For those with less of a fiction addiction, Andrew’s first five books of philosophy, the Avatar Pentology, are collections of his Reflections about life. Each book has a particular concentration: Sophia, Paradidomi, Estiasi, Kardia, and Phanerosis – Wisdom, Surrender, Focus, Heart, and Manifestation. Written in an informal and conversational style, Andrew’s hope is to communicate what elements he can of the ineffable truths he has realized in his own life.

Knight of Sophia

Philosophy à la carte: this is a book of Andrew Marc Rowe’s musings about life, stitched together from Reflections he has written and released over the months since inspiration for The Yoga Trilogy first struck. In a conversational tone, the author offers his thoughts on a life well-lived and the grander questions that have plagued him since he was a wee lad barely out of diapers, startled to find himself adrift on a spinning rock in space.

Dropping September 15, 2019

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Magus of Paradidomi

The second instalment in Andrew Marc Rowe’s philosophy series, this collection focuses on paradidomi, which is Greek for surrender. Like most truths in life, the conclusions on surrender that the author has come to are somewhat paradoxical. We can learn to soar through our lives only by surrendering to it in its entirety, rather than white-knuckling the wheel. In the result, you will find Reflections with much soul-baring and self-acceptance. It is his humble hope that readers might find inspiration to let go within the pages of this book.

Dropping March 20, 2019

Click here to read some of the Reflections!

Archer of Estiasi

Coming soon!

Rogue of Kardia

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Fool of Phanerosis

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