The Yoga Trilogy

My debut series of novels, set in the world of Clovir, a pastiche of places and locales that seem lifted from the real world, as well as politics and mythology to match. A mix of fantasy, mythology, and spiritual fiction, the stories weave compelling narratives together with parables and reflections on life well-lived. The world is admittedly dark, but there is plenty of light that gets through the cracks.

The Yoga of Strength - released 2019

The Yoga of Pain - released 2020

The Yoga of Connection - released 2021

Tales of Sight

A series of short stories set in the world of The Yoga Trilogy. The characters and places referenced are nods and nudges from me to you, explorations of minor characters, and rollicking adventures of their own. There will be four parts to the Tales of Sight, starting with Clovir: An Overture. You will be able to read most of the stories (13 out of 15 for each part) here on my website. If you want the last two stories from the books, you will have to buy the whole e-book for that part! Once the fourth part is published, the book will be getting a print edition for those who prefer to have the paper in hand.