In which I review books that other people have written. If you are a self-published/independent author and want to submit a book to me for a review, please contact me through Reddit. My username is /u/LoungingJaguar.

Please note that I will not answer solicitations for reviews through my e-mails, except to ask you to contact me with the request through Reddit. I would like to keep a bit of a separation of church and state on this one, and I would ask that you respect that.

I do have a caveat. If I find that I am not going to be able to give you a positive review, I will contact you and let you know. It is not my style to foment negativity, so if I cannot say anything nice about your work, I will not say anything at all. I will offer constructive comments to you directly if this is the case. Reviews are arranged from newest to oldest.

Without further ado, here they are. Bear in mind that many of these were originally posted on Reddit Fantasy.